The Bright Points Of Kanger Pangu Kit

The Kanger Pangu All In One Kit has an adjustable juice flow control system and features dual airflow slots. The Kanger Pangu is conveniently filled from the top as well. In addition to the PGOCC atomizer heads, the Kanger Pangu Starter Kit has a replacement glass and spare o-rings included in the kit as well.


So distinctive! Two power output options on Reuleaux RX2/3!

So amazing that you can have your own power output options: 150W or 200W on Reuleaux RX2/3! The final output option depends on how many cells you install in RX2/3: two cells for 150W and three cells for 200W.  Similarly fashionable appearance as the previous Reuleaux series, this RX2/3 still gives you a good looking in design.


Wismec has specially designed Cylin RTA atomizer to match Reuleaux RX2/3. This atomizer is featured with a removable tank allowing you to convert it into auto drippers with dripping atomizers. 3.5ml capacity and convenient refilling eliquid and adjustment of airflow control on Cylin RTA atomizer!

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Which color do you like best on Eleaf iPower?

It seems that this Eleaf stuff, iPower is always so distinctive.  Such as its unique appearance from the previous Eleaf stuff, impressive feature with long sustainable battery life and attractive color options. When it comes to color options,  which one is your favorite choice, white, grey, bronze, brushed silver and wood grain? Everyone has his own preference and no matter which one you choose, always you can enjoy a long-time vaping without interrupt, unlike other mods with frequently charging or replacing cells.   Here is the official authorized online store where you can choose a favorite Eleaf iPower.

eleaf ipower

Kanger NEBOX vs Kanger CUPTI

The NEBOX is well-loved by vapers, but KangerTech wanted to correct its flaws as well as add even better features to enhance user experience.

The most noticeable difference between the NEBOX and the CUPTI 75W is size. For small hands, it can be quite uncomfortable to grip a mod that’s almost as wide as a pack of cigarettes. The new CUPTI is more compact than the NEBOX so it’s easier to hold.

Due to its size downgrade, the CUPTI can only store 5ml of e-juice which is half the whopping 10ml capacity of the NEBOX tank.

The petite form factor also meant making the OLED screen and fire button smaller on the CUPTI. The display and adjustment buttons have also been moved to the top near the drip tip instead of the side of the device.

Although they seem to look the same from afar, the CUPTI has made crucial changes to the NEBOX design. The CUPTI tank can now be accessed from the top – making changing coils and adding juice super easy, convenient, and mess-free.

One of the major changes in the CUPTI is the composition of the liquid chamber. The NEBOX has a fixed tank made of plastic, which as we all know is not ideal for acidic juices. The CUPTI now has a Pyrex glass tank that you can remove for cleaning.

The old battery cover which was sealed in the NEBOX has also been replaced with a slide-out latch so you don’t have to use a coin or tool to pry it open when swapping batteries.

The Kanger CUPTI starter kit now comes with two different drip tips – a wide bore mouthpiece for DL vaping and a slim 510 drip tip for MTL.

In the NEBOX, the airflow is fixed to the base of the atomizer. The CUPTI offers more customization options in terms of air intake with an adjustable airflow control valve near the drip tip. The cup shape of the tank plus the top airflow system makes the CUPTI completely leak-free.

The mod itself has been updated – the CUPTI tops off at 75 watts compared to the 60W NEBOX.

Share Your Opinions On The Reuleaux RX75

The Wismec Reuleaux RX75 ,A Part of the Joyetech .a 75w mod, designed by Jaybo, in a loose collaboration (of sorts) with VapingWithTwisted420, a video personality with nearly quarter of a million subscribers. The gentlemen, which I’m sure you already know, is definitely entertaining, but the huge amount of foul language used in his videos sure is off-putting, to say the can share your opinious on this box mod .


Buy Eleaf iPower 80W Box Mod Now !

The Eleaf iPower 80W Box Mod has an ultra-large 5000 mAh battery, which would give the user an amazing amount of battery life, especially if used at lower wattages. This mod has a maximum power output of 80w, and has temperature control for SS, Ni, Ti, and TCR adjustments. five colors available: silver, black, gray, wood grain and bronze .
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The Best Tank Match For Eleaf 50W

If you ask me what’s the best tank match for Eleaf 50W , I must want to tell you , of course the Lemo 2 Atomizer .

The Lemo 2 is the advance version of the well-known Lemo series atomizers due to its new innovative design of a side e-liquid fill hole and the use of PEEK(the well-known high heat and corrosion resistance material) of insulating piece. Vaping becomes safer and more stable, and no more needs of detaching the atomizer during refilling. The fill process becomes easier and leakage can be avoided. The inheritance of RBA head also maximizes the fun of DIY experience and could bring cloud vapor production for you.
50w lemo
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Do You Like The ‘Wild Style’ Sticker ?

Wildstyle is a complicated and intricate form of graffiti. Due to its complexity, it is often very hard to read by people who are not familiar with it. Usually, this form of graffiti incorporates interwoven and overlapping letters and shapes. It may include arrows, spikes, and other decorative elements depending on the technique used. The numerous layers and shapes make this style extremely difficult to produce homogeneously, which is why developing an original style in this field is seen as one of the greatest artistic challenges to a graffiti writer. It can created from everywhere , even in vaping market , there is Wildstyle Sticker , here is the look of one of Wismec Reuleaux RX200 .


How To Solve The Dry And Burnt Hits Caused By Improper Priming?

One of the primary causes of dry and burnt hits is a new atomizer coil that has either not been primed or has been improperly primed. When you dispose of an old atomizer coil and replace it with a new one, the new coil should be properly primed. Priming a coil essentially involves adequately saturating the coil’s wicking material with e-juice prior to using it. When a brand new coil is installed in a tank, the dry cotton often cannot absorb the necessary amount of liquid. With insufficient saturation, the heated coil can cause the cotton to burn, thereby releasing the displeasing taste.

Resolution: Make sure to first prime new atomizer coils by adding three to four drops of e-juice onto the wick, thereby sufficiently saturating it.

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